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What is plan-managed funding?

Feel restricted by only being allowed to use NDIS registered providers? well, plan-managed funding allows you to focus on your supports and not on managing your funding, plus it opens the door for you to access any provider, whether they are NDIS registered or not.

How can Synergy Vision manage your plan?

Synergy Vision will assist you in selecting supports, allocate money to those supports on your behalf, and negotiate spending of your funding with you. You will keep control of the most important facets of your plan, and Synergy Vision will handle the rest.

Starting your plan

The NDIS can work with you to put your plan into action, and depending on your situation there are a range of people who can help you implement your plan and support you to start receiving supports.

These would have been discussed with you during your planning process and may be a Local Area Coordinator or an ECEI Coordinator. Some people may also have a Support Coordinator funded in their plan to help them get started.-
You can start your plan by yourself if you are self-managed.

Who Can Use Our Plan Management Services?

If you have funding for Plan Management in your NDIS Plan, then you can opt to use a
registered NDIS provider like Synergy Vision to assist with managing your Plan.

What does a plan manager do?

Generally, a plan manager will:

  • pay your support providers on your behalf,
  • help you keep track of your funds and spending,
  • manage your service agreements,
  • provide you with updates on your spending,
  • monitor your bills and invoices,
  • and give you access to a list of providers in your area.

What are the main types of NDIS Funding Management?

In a self-managed plan, NDIS participants or their carers can nominate themselves to
administer claims manually through the NDIS Portal. You would choose this path if
you’re confident in organising your own services, finances and record keeping. You can
also choose to use service providers who aren’t Registered NDIS Service Providers.

In an agency managed plan NDIS participants defer responsibility for their plan
management to the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) The majority of NDIS
plans are managed this way and alleviating the burden of tracking and managing
finances. However, agency management is less flexible than other plan management
options as you are limited only to services provided by NDIS registered providers.

With plan management, NDIS participants can nominate an independent Registered
NDIS Service Provider to assist with the financial aspects of their plan. You can access
funding in your NDIS plan to pay for Plan Management services under the Improved
Life Choices category. Like self-managed plans, you can also choose to use service
providers who aren’t Registered NDIS Service Providers.